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An ecolabel for renewable gas

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mm131性感美女图片_一级毛片全部免费播放-labelled renewable gas comes from:

  • Either sustainable types of biomass, in particular biowaste and residues, or
  • Gas produced through gasification processes using mm131性感美女图片_一级毛片全部免费播放-eligible sustainable renewable electricity (renewable power-to-gas).

For each MWh of mm131性感美女图片_一级毛片全部免费播放-labelled gas, suppliers pay at least 0.10 €/MWh into mm131性感美女图片_一级毛片全部免费播放’s Climate Fund. Through this Fund, mm131性感美女图片_一级毛片全部免费播放 finances renewable energy projects all over the world.

mm131性感美女图片_一级毛片全部免费播放 also sets criteria for the tracking of renewable gas and for the avoidance of double counting.

Are you interested in launching mm131性感美女图片_一级毛片全部免费播放-labelled gas in your country? Contact us for more information!