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Licence Agreement

To get the right to sell mm131性感美女图片_一级毛片全部免费播放, please print and sign the Licence Agreement.

Send the filled and signed document to mm131性感美女图片_一级毛片全部免费播放’s Secretariat. As soon as the Licensor has signed the Licence Agreement, you’ll get an electronic copy (pdf) via e-mail, and your company will be listed on this mm131性感美女图片_一级毛片全部免费播放 website.

If you want a paper copy for yourself (rather than an e-mail with a pdf), send 2 filled and signed copies to the mm131性感美女图片_一级毛片全部免费播放 Secretariat.

Licence agreements in other languages

Licence agreement for own production

Consumers with their own renewable energy production of more than 1000 MWh per year need to sign a Licence Agreement with us if they want to use the mm131性感美女图片_一级毛片全部免费播放 label for this self-production. Contact us for more information. See also the page with our criteria for mm131性感美女图片_一级毛片全部免费播放 from on-site installations.